Accepted Papers

  1. Challenges in Developing a Rule based Urdu Stemmer
                Sajjad Ahmad Khan, Waqas Anwar and Usama Ijaz Bajwa
  2. Challenges in Urdu Text Tokenization and Sentence Boundary Disambiguation
                Zobia Rehman, Waqas Anwar and Usama Ijaz Bajwa
  3. Developing a New System for Arabic Morphological Analysis and Generation
                Mourad Gridach and Noureddine Chenfour
  4. Hybrid Inflectional Stemmer and Rule-based Derivational Stemmer for Gujarati
                Kartik Suba, Dipti Jiandani and Pushpak Bhattacharyya
  5. Punjabi Language Stemmer for nouns and proper names
                Vishal Gupta and Gurpreet Singh Lehal
  6. Recent Improvements in the PeEn-SMT: First Large Scale English-Persian SMT System
                Mahsa Mohaghegh and Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh
  7. Thai Word Segmentation Verification Tool
                Supon Klaithin, Krit Kosawat, Sitthaa Phaholphinyo and Kanyanut Kriengket
  8. The Semi-Automatic Construction of Part-Of-Speech Taggers for Specific Languages by Statistical Methods
                Tomohiro YAMASAKI, Hiromi WAKAKI and Masaru SUZUKI
  9. Towards a Malay Hierarchical Derivational Lexicon: Learning Affixes Using Expectation Maximization
                Suriani Sulaiman, Michael Gasser and Sandra Kuebler