Call for Papers


The main motive behind the organization of South and Southeast Asian Natural Languages Processing (SSANLP) workshop is to bring together the community working on the South and Southeast Asian languages covering all aspects of natural language processing and computational linguistics such as development of computational resources, morphology, syntax, semantics and machine translation. This is a long term commitment and goal, which cannot be achieved through a single workshop. Hence, we are planning to make this workshop an annual event collocated with one of the major Computational Linguistics conferences and focusing on certain specific NLP issues. We have successfully organized the 1st Workshop on South and Southeast Asian NLP at COLING 2010 in Beijing, China and 2nd Workshop on South and Southeast Asian NLP at IJCNLP 2011 in Chian Mai, Thailand. The current workshop again focuses on the phenomena of rich Morphology of South and South East Asian languages and the complex segmentation in these languages, but we are also intersted in submission on other NLP issues related to South and Southeast Asian languages.

Topics of Interest
WSSANLP 2012 solicits papers, posters and demonstrations on original and unpublished research on the following topics related to South and Southeast Asian languages, including, but not limited to:
  1. Underresourced languages
  2. Morphology & POS tagging
  3. The complexity of word level processing
  4. Frameworks for morphological processing
  5. Universal morphotactic phenomena across South and Southeast Asian languages
  6. Lexicon and Rule-basis for morphological analysis
  7. New formalisms, or computational treatments of existing linguistic formalisms for the said languages
  8. Probabilistic models and machine learning for morphology and segmentation
  9. Analysis or exploitation of multilingual, multi-dialectal, and diachronic data
  10. Algorithms, including finite-state methods
  11. Algorithms and methods for automatic development of morphological analysis from the corpus
  12. Generic morphological analyzer for South and Southeast Asian Languages
  13. Communication of morpho-tactics with its neighboring layers in the linguistic process (i.e. Morpho-syntactics and Morpho-phonemics) for the said languages
  14. Usability or extensibility of existing tools like KIMMO, XFST, ATEF, etc. for the development of morphological analyzer for South and Southeast Asian languages
  15. Tools and resources
  16. Parsing
  17. Resources and annotation
  18. Empirical machine translation
  19. Expert or hybrid machine translation
  20. Information retrieval
  21. Named Entity recognition
  22. Word Sense Disambiguation
  23. Speech recognition and synthesis
  24. Software internationalization & localization

Instructions to Authors
  1. Three communication formats: full papers (14 A5 sized pages with any number of reference pages), short papers (8 A5 sized pages with any number of reference pages) and demo papers (6 A5 sized pages with any number of reference pages).
  2. Three presentation formats: Oral for full paper, Poster for short paper and Demo.
  3. Papers are in English. However, if an author so wishes he may add elements in another language (L2): a title, an abstract and keywords on the first page, and if s/he wishes, 2 pages (a synopsis) in L2, beginning on page 2. Such papers will have 14+2 (or 8+2, or 6+2) pages, plus any number of pages for reference.
  5. Papers must conform to official COLING 2012 style guidelines (LaTeX and Microsoft Word templates given below).
  6. Submission and reviewing will be on-line, managed by the START system. The only accepted format for submitted papers is PDF. Supplementary material- if any, in the form of tools or resources- must be in the form of a single .zip or a .tgz archive file with a maximum size of 10MB; otherwise there are no constraints on its format. Submissions, together with all supplementary material, must be uploaded on the START system by the submission deadlines; submissions after that time will not be reviewed. To minimize network congestion, we request authors to upload their submissions as early as possible (especially if they contain large supplementary material files).
  7. Submission link:

COLING 2012 Style Files

Visa Requirements
All foreign nationals intending to participate in the Congress/ meeting, except those of Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives, are required to obtain an Indian VISA. There is no provision for 'VISA on Arrival' in India.

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In case of difficulties, please get in touch with the conference secretariat at

Important Dates
Submissions Deadline October 24, 2012 (23:59 Pacific time, GMT -7) (October 20, 2012)
Notification of Acceptances November 10, 2012
Camera ready submissions November 15, 2012
Workshop Date December 8, 2012