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Accepted Papers

Long Papers

    Towards Identifying Hindi/Urdu Noun Templates in Support of a Large-Scale LFG Grammar
    Sebastian Sulger and Ashwini Vaidya

    Konkanverter - A Finite State Transducer based Statistical Machine Transliteration Engine for Konkani Language
    Vinodh Rajan

    Integrating Dictionaries into an Unsupervised Model for Myanmar Word Segmentation
    Ye Kyaw Thu, Andrew Finch, Eichiro SUMITA and Yoshinori Sagisaka

    A Framework for Learning Morphology using Suffix Association Matrix
    Shilpa Desai, Jyoti Pawar and Pushpak Bhattacharyya

    A rule based approach for automatic clause boundary detection and classification in Hindi
    Rahul Sharma

    Building English-Vietnamese Named Entity Corpus with Aligned Bilingual News Articles
    Quoc Hung Ngo, Dinh Dien and Werner Winiwarter

    Character-Cluster-Based Segmentation using Monolingual and Bilingual Information for Statistical Machine Translation
    Vipas Sutantayawalee, Peerachet Porkeaw, Thepchai Supnithi, Prachya Boonkwan and Sitthaa Phaholphinyo

Short Papers

    English to Urdu Statistical Machine Translation: Establishing a Baseline
    Bushra Jawaid, Amir Kamran and Ondrej Bojar

    A hybrid approach for automatic clause boundary identification in Hindi
    Rahul Sharma and Soma Paul

    RBMT as an alternative to SMT for under-resourced languages
    Guillaume de Malézieux, Amélie Bosc and Vincent Berment

    Developing an interlingual translation lexicon using WordNets and Grammatical Framework
    Shafqat Mumtaz Virk, K.V.S Prasad, Aarne Ranta and Krasimir Angelov

    A Dictionary Data Processing Environment and Its Application in Algorithmic Processing of Pali Dictionary Data for Future NLP Tasks
    Jürgen Knauth and David Alfter

    Real Time Early-stage Influenza Detection with Emotion Factors from Sina Microblog
    Xiao Sun, Jiaqi Ye and Fuji Ren